With the slab option, the use of roofs was reduced as the main structure in most houses. Even so, the roof is used to protect the slab roof or enhance the building’s architecture. The effect of its use may also contribute to a better setting of the property’s internal space, depending on the choices regarding its construction. To build this structure, it is necessary to know its components and, from them, prepare a plan, hire professionals that offers for commercial and residential service and buy the materials. To make a roof and decide the best ways to invest in this type of roof, we will give you some tips.

Define The Type Of Roof Coverage

The type of roof covering is defined by the amount and slope of “water,” which gets its name for determining how the structure drains rain. Currently, the most common roofs are flat water, as they are used to protect the slab and acclimate the building. Although it is the most common, it is not the only option. Roofs of one or two waters are also quite common; the first drain rainwater only to one side, while the second drains water to two sides and successively according to the number of waters. The roof can also have other shapes in more elaborate structures, such as the arch or vault.

Choose Tile Type

After defining the type of coverage for your roof, you will need to choose the most suitable type of tile and the most appropriate material for the climate. Tiles can vary both in terms of material and shape. The most widely used are fiber cement, metal, ceramic, and PVC. There may still be additional ones among the tile materials, as in the case of thermoacoustic tiles. The choice should mainly consider the tile’s functionality and, if the structure becomes visible, also the aesthetic quality of the material to enhance the property.

Determine The Type Of Structure

There are two possible materials to assemble the structure that will support the roof: steel and wood. Wood is more traditional and has great aesthetic value, but its budget is more expensive. Steel is currently gaining ground as an option, as its aesthetic possibilities and appreciation in real estate have been growing, at the same time, as it is a cleaner and more economical option.

How To Make A Roof: Don’t Forgetting The Constructive Elements

The construction elements are essential for the roof to work well and have durability. They must be chosen according to the local climate and the final structure intended for the roof. They are part of this complement: ridges, gutters, flashings, ventilation points, among others. In addition to these tips on making a roof, it is essential that your project respects the local construction policies, considering the environmental climate and weather and the comfort and quality of life of those who will enjoy the property. The idea is to hire expert contractors who carry out or assist in ensuring that your home will be well protected.


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