The dark and mysterious black marble is trending worldwide. It really is present in building designs to obtain a luxurious, and most importantly, a commercial look. The Iranian marble stone may be the one you’ll need a check out immediately. Decorated with beautiful patterns of gold, individuals will be the perfect material for interior design and commercial spaces.

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Kinds Of Iranian Black Marble

Golden marshal

It’s a famous as well as other stone quarried in Iran. The dark background within the stone is decorated with white-colored-colored-colored and golden stripe patterns. The diffusion of fossils tightly can make it perfect for crowded designs. The Golden Marshal can also be known as as golden black marble . It’s most likely the lovliest dark marble that’s quarried from Kashan and Isfahan in Iran.

It’s considered among the better decorative gemstones on the planet due to its unique beauty. The stone is appropriate for exterior and interior use for example walls, flooring, kitchen, countertops and ornamental pieces.

Persian black and gold

The dark background of Persian black and gold marble is decorated with beautiful thick golden veins on its surface. The veins are distributed unevenly where you can touch of yellow at number of places. Also known as Persian Portoro, the stone comes from Hamedan in Iran. Initially, the stone leaves an excellent desire though fine polishing and shaping, it’ll meet your standards.

Like the Golden marshal, the stone can be used numerous design projects for interior designing. It’s helpful for flooring, walls, countertops, vanity tops while some. It may be processed into several kinds of finishes for example honed, polished, tumbled and so forth.

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Golden world

Golden world is acquired in the identical regions because the Golden marshal. Likely to attractive look with distinct veining patterns initially glance. It’s decorated with irregular golden lines obtaining a pinch of yellow, white-colored-colored-colored or red inside a couple of marble slabs.

Obtaining a greater polished finish, the marble work wonders for interior wall and floor applications, tabletops, bathroom spaces along with other design projects.

Black Marble Strategies For Interior Planning


In modern occasions, black marble kitchen applications look best, contrasting while using the wooden cabinetry along with the flooring. An attractive dark backsplash matching while using the countertop is unquestionably an amazing idea. Additionally, installing wooden chairs or stools will enhance kitchen appearance.

For applying dark coloured stone in the kitchen area, you have to remain in check using lighting which will blend the black along with other surfaces.


The following may be the bathroom. There are numerous ways in you should use Iranian gemstones of individuals small , closed spaces. A white-colored-colored-colored free-standing bathtub will complement well while using the dark wall while neutralizing everyone other decor. You may also turn the wall in a statement piece. Becoming an abstract painting, it’ll elevate the general atmosphere within the bathroom.