This is a suspended lighting to illuminate a specific work area, whether in your kitchen, above a bar, or a kitchen island.

In areas where the desired atmosphere involves very precise lighting, consider adding a light dimmer to control the light flow at the output but also a mirror and why not vintage (or industrial) type to provide a shift in tones.

Some pendant lights come with retractable cords so you can easily adjust the brightness to suit different tasks. Pull the pendant up for diffused light or pull it down for an intimate meal. Pendant lights are thus versatile and allow you to see clearly what you are doing. With proper meduse lamp price you can have the right solutions now.

Choosing a pendant or a chandelier: ask yourself the right questions

First, think about what you want from the suspension. Is it intended to provide bright light for working or a soft mood light for relaxing moments? A chandelier might be too intrusive in a small space while a more “utilitarian” accent lamp might seem too harsh for a living room.

And the decor?

Determine if the objective and design of the lamp matches the decor and atmosphere of the place. A chrome or stainless steel luminaire will convey a feeling of elegance and modernity. The blown glass will convey an artistic side and an old-fashioned charm. The chandeliers are romantic and elegant.

Where to install the pendant or the chandelier?

Be sure to take into account the radiation of the light (the right choice of bulb is essential). As a general rule, a stronger light can be placed higher while a smaller one can be placed lower.

What about the size of the room?

How high is the ceiling? Rooms with high ceilings require a type of light that should radiate as much as possible. Take all necessary steps and contact your reseller before ordering online or ordering from a catalog in a physical store.


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