Rodents like rats often enter your house through the drainage system. Pest can even make their nest in your drainage pipes, which can later cause a different problem at your home. You might have tried many things, from poison to rattrap, but nothing worked, as the rats are one of the smart creatures. Rats nowadays can avoid any trap we humans put in front of them, reason they have to learn a lot from our shared history.  Therefore, blockers now days are perfect if you want to get rid of these vermin. 

Rat blocker allows water to drain out but does not let anything enter through the pipe. Rat Flap and blockers are durable too; made with stainless steel, the rat blocker and flaps can go for a long time without a need for maintenance.

How do Rat blockers and Rat Flaps work? 

To stop the rodent infestation, you need something that blocks their entry through the drainage outlet. Blocker stops the rat from entering through the pipe, as it is designed to operate one-way. The waste and water can easily pass through the blocker, but it would not re-enter the drain. So, things can pass through blockers and rat flap only in one direction. 

Moreover, rat blocker solves the problem of localized flooding and backwashing.  Blockers and rat flaps are a long-term solution you can use to protect your property from rats and pests. 

How Easy Are They to Install?

You can hire pest control services that provide the blocker or rat flap installation. The size of the blocker can depend on the size of the outlet drainpipe. Rat blockers are easy to install in the pipes with 1.5m in depth. If the depth of the drainage pipe is more than 1.5, you need to ask the service to perform an inspection and place the blocker.  As a professional, know a better place for the rat blocker installation to stop the Rats from entering your house. 

Why Rat blocker and flaps are better than Rat Poison?

Using rat poison is dangerous, as you need to place it in your house. If you have a small kid, going with poison is not a safe solution. Moreover, the poison dehydrates the rats and makes them anxious. This leads them to cause more havoc in search of water.

Rat blocker and flap are environment-friendly, as you do not kill the rats but allow them to exit your property freely, but stop the rats from entering the property again.


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