Today, as the prices of real estate have gone up, the chances of people finding an ideal property have significantly dropped. Not only is finding such a property difficult, but it comes with complex transactions. So even if you do find the perfect house, there are several aspects to it that are quite intricate for an ordinary person to comprehend. So here’s the list of questions that can make it easier for you.

How does the complete process works?

If it is your first transaction, the whole process of purchasing a home can be quite overwhelming. Thus, you need to ask your agent to explain the whole process to you. By doing so you might be able to spot certain flaws in the transaction and you can even find out how knowledgeable and experienced the agent is. Thus, understanding the complete process is a must.

Can I have a look at the CMA?

After you have liked a house, you should ask for the comparative market analysis, which basically analyses several other houses in the particular locality to determine the value of a house. Checking the comparative market analysis is significant to find out whether the price of the house you’re looking to purchase is valued correctly. 

What could be an appropriate offer?

You must always ask your agent for the right offer that may guarantee you the house. An experienced agent always knows the value with respect to the price of the house. Thus, an extremely low or high price can both be a loss for you. 

Is earnest money required?

To buy a home, you enter into a contract by paying a deposit, called earnest money. This deposit can go a long way if you are in the seller’s market. But, several times, earnest money is not exactly required as it puts a strain on your finances. So, you should ask your agent if a deposit needs to be made for locking in the contract. 

What are the closing costs?

Lastly, you need to ask your agent if there are any closing costs to be paid. Closing costs are expenses other than the price of the property, which may include the attorney fees, title fees, and so on. One must keep a tab on this by consulting and discussing with the agent so that it does not mess with your budget later. 

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or not, hiring an experienced agent is a must and realtor Anthony D’Anello in Montreal, QC is among the best choices in this regard. 


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