Click Lock Rubber Tiles (กระเบื้องยางคลิกล็อค, which is the term in Thai) and SPC Rubber Tiles are two of the most popular tiles being used in construction. These tiles are being used across many homes and offices because of their unique qualities. Although they have similarities, there are also major differences that make them suitable for different types of construction needs. However, it must be kept in mind that both of them have their own merits which are compelling by them.

·      Durability

These rubber tiles are not only affordable compared to other options, but they are also known for their durable nature. Their superior grip allows them to carry loads that are heavier than usual. Plus their ability to withstand shock as well as the cushioning makes them a preferred choice.

·      Aesthetics

Their aesthetics are top-notch which also makes them a preferred choice among the end-users. The wide variety of options when it comes to their color schemes certainly works in favor of runner tiles compared to other options. The same goes for their textures.

·      Materials Used

These tiles are made from different types of rubber. This is an advantage because it allows these tiles to be molded in multiple ways. Doing so also allows them to be used for different purposes while construction and versatility are always a good quality.

·      Thickness

The amount of thickness of a tile might not seem like a big differentiating factor but in reality it is. It allows these instruments to be sturdier and last for longer periods which is a big plus.

·      Installation

There is another merit that the installation process for these rubber tiles is much more convenient and much less time-consuming compared to the other options available in the market. Plus the make of this tile also allows you to remove it or replace it whenever you want to. Unlike other options, you will not need to replace the entire floor of tiles in case of a problem with a single one. This is a very big advantage which saves both time and money.


Click Lock Rubber Tiles and SPC Rubber tiles (กระเบื้องยาง SPC, term in Thai) are two options among a variety of products available for you in the market. They are relatively newer and may not be as preferred by both construction companies or by the end-users. However, many people are going for these two rubber tile options because of their benefits and costs. Rubber tiles have a promising future potential.


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