When you think of summer, your mind automatically goes to memories of family vacations, outdoor activities, and days spent on the beach. However, a sunny and clear sky often means hot and humid nights. There are many ways to battle the heat, like switching on the air conditioner, but then you might end up with a hefty utility bill. This is why if you pay attention to your bedroom’s furnishings, you can keep yourself cool during those hot nights without having to use any air conditioner at all. 


If you are a sweaty sleeper, you might think that a comforter is not a good option. The good news is that if you choose a lightweight summer comforter, then you can have the best of both worlds. Choosing a comforter depends on cooling technology. The most common cooling technologies are Outlast and 37.5. Outlast absorbs and stores the body heat, which can be compared to ice melting to cool a drink. 37.5 is a technology that detects sweat and wicks it away before it forms. So, if your comforter has either of these, then they are good for summer. 

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Another thing to consider when buying a summer comforter online is the moisture-wicking features it has. Some comforter brands use wool, whereas others use a blend of fabrics to keep the sweat away. You need to be careful of any manufacturer’s ‘natural’ claims because some materials like bamboo and eucalyptus fibres are regenerated cellulose that has been chemically altered. Other than that, choosing a comforter for summer is quite easy. 


Summer is about cosy and comfortable linens because, let’s face it there’s nothing better than spending a summer day in your comfortable bed. There are many manufacturers out there where you can buy comforters online, and if you choose the wrong one, you might be in for a tough summer. However, here is a list of some of the best comforters for the summer months:

  1. Homelike Moment has a microfibre cover and is available in sizes such as twin, full queen and king. It comes in four different colours and has a polyester fill. It is one of the best brands you can find online. 
  2. Portico New York’s Blockbuster Single comforter comes in one size but is perfect for the summer because it is made of cotton and the perfect companion for a hot summer day or evening. 
  3. LinenSPA also has a good collection of comforters which you can buy online, available in seven different colours. Their relatively simple comforters give your room an elegant feeling, and they are also quite inexpensive. 
  4. Downluxe is another manufacturer that you can find online, and their comforters come in three sizes. They are also made of cotton and have a white duck down fill. 
  5. Beckham Luxury Linens offers summer comforters in eleven colours and is filled with synthetic goose feathers with a microfibre cover. 

When you’re searching for a comforter, the main thing to remember is that you don’t need to be fancy about the fill force and protection limit of the sofa-bed. All things considered, you need to zero in on picking a comforter rich in a texture that is breathable and feels delicate when rubbed against the skin.

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