Designing a new office building or commercial space requires expertise, experience, and understanding of client expectations. Thanks to Google, finding a list of commercial architects in your city or area doesn’t have to be hard. Of course, not all services deliver on the commitments. If you are in Montreal and are planning a new office building, working with firms like Stendel Reich architecture can help in shaping your project as expected. In this post, we are discussing further on what it takes to work with a commercial architect, and how you can find one that fits your project. 

The inherent challenges

When it comes to new office buildings, a few aspects need immediate attention – 

  • Optimal use of commercial space
  • Architecture & design that stand out
  • Allowing a connect with nature for employee wellbeing and better collaboration
  • The budget

When you are planning a project, you need to consider your immediate goals, and the budget will be decided on that. Find a commercial architectural firm that can help you have a realistic start to the project. 

Experience matters

If a commercial architectural firm claims to be the best in business, they will have enough clients, and their experience will be visible in their portfolio. Ensure that you ask questions that are relevant for your project. For instance, how do they plan to handle the challenges of the project? Have they designed similar kinds of commercial spaces and office buildings? If yes, are they willing to show around and offer references? Also, check for independent reviews on Google. A reliable commercial architect will have positive reviews. 

Work process

Another pointer that has to be considered on priority is the work process. Designing a new commercial space should be about collaboration. You would want the firm to delegate a specific set of resources and people to the project, who should be communicative and accessible. They should offer everything on paper and must offer regular updates. Keep in mind that the work process of each commercial architectural firm is different, and therefore, you have to consider what works best for your project. 

Sometimes, this may mean working and discussing the project at length with various commercial architects, but go for expertise, experience, rather than just what fits your budget. An office building, done right, can be an apt example of how commercial architecture is done right. Check online now to shortlist a few options.


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