Try to imagine a situation: in a few months, you will be moving from your home to another state. And there is a huge amount of things around you that need to be sorted out, and packed. Moreover, you need to think over a move plan, hire a moving company, or make a decision of doing it on your own. You should also worry about changing your address where your correspondence and invoices will come. Perhaps some of you remembered a certain moment in your life when you already experienced a similar situation. But what to start with? How to organize everything so that the nerves remain healthy and strong? Today we will dig a little deeper and get to grips with this nagging topic.

Best States To Move To

To begin with, let’s analyze several states in order to select the ones that are best suited for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. It is no secret that when moving to another state, you need to rely on the factors that are important to you and carefully study each state you have chosen. Below we present a list of those states that we think are best for moving and starting a new life.

New Hampshire

A high economy and a wide market in various directions make it easy for residents of the state to find work and not live in poverty. Also, New Hampshire has a fairly low level of crime (the 1st place), which also affects the peace of mind of citizens. And the high level of medicine and education makes this state one of the best places to move to (one of the oldest universities in the United States is located in Hanover).


It is worth noting that the greatest and most significant historical events are associated with Washington. Moreover, the state is named the same as the capital of the United States.

However, a very important point is the quality of life. Therefore, we want to focus on the fact that the economy of Washington is in 3rd place, and medicine is in 4th. These indicators already speak for themselves in favor of moving to this state.


This is the best place to move to if you care about your safety. Vermont has the lowest level of crime, which means that the government and the police are concerned about the peace of the citizens. The level of medicine, education, and economics are also encouraging. Vermont is also the perfect state for those who care about nature.


Famous for its wonderful parks, this state also has the second-largest economy. Moreover, the equally low level of education and medicine attracts more and more people to Utah every year.


We could not ignore this state, because it has become a home for people of different cultures and rationals. Also, a good economy allows you to find housing at affordable prices. And a high level of care for nature, accordingly, indicates a good ecology. Medicine and education are also strengths of Minnesota.


It is up to you what state to move to, so always analyze every benefit or disadvantage of each state you have chosen. Ask your friends or family, search for the information on the Internet, and make your own decision that will satisfy your needs and expectations.


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