If you have a project for renting or selling homes, good doors and windows will help you get more from your house. The curb appeal of your house can be improved by new windows and doors. Getting new doors for your house every year for example is very expensive, this could either be caused by poor installation, poor materials, or improper maintenance. Before you put maintenance in place you should ensure that your doors and windows are installed correctly and have the quality you required in the first place. Inter-Québec portes et fenetres install strong doors and windows for homes that will last long before being replaced. With that, it becomes important to maintain your doors and windows to increase their durability. Below are simple ways on how to maintain your doors and windows to prolog their life cycle.

  • Timber frames.

Frequently inspect for cracks or other problems that might be developing and may need repair before they worsen and get the door damaged. Timber frames need to be well finished to prevent moisture from getting into them. Moisture will cause timber or any wood to rot and get damaged.

  • Checking locks.

More often check your lock for rust or any weakness developing that can cause doors to be easily broken into. Make sure also to look at the hinges in doors and windows to make sure they are well lubricated to avoid wearing out and break down.

    • Other materials used in doors and windows like aluminum will require to be frequently cleaned. Although they require less maintenance, they should be wiped to clean stains and any other problem that can arise.
  • Cleaning window. 

People tend to clean the outside of the window and forget the inside. Pets and children can leave marks on the windows that can easily be clean with a simple rag and soap. You can clean your windows for a couple of months.

  • Occasionally coat your timber.

Coating your timber protects them from wearing out, from moisture which causes rotting, and keeps away insects that can damage timber. Although coating the window frames yourself can destroy the look of your home it should be done at least once a year. Either you do it yourself or hire an expert to repaint the window or door frames.

Maintaining your doors or window require cleaning and painting them to keep away from dirt and moisture which increases the chances of them rotting.


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