A quick and economical solution to change your doors’ aesthetics is to install a new knob or handle. When acquiring a model, the first thing you should be clear about is the excellent variety of alternatives available to select the one that best suits your home’s needs. Your choice is not a trivial matter, since the handles dress the door and give it the final touch you want.

The doors need a suitable handle for their use and, above all, for the style of the room where it is to be placed, such as the nautical themed cabinet knobs. The most differentiating feature to choose one handle or another is the finish that best suits the door in which it will be placed.

Easy installation: changing knobs or handles is a clean and straightforward DIY task that does not require a professional.

Different solutions for every need

When choosing the complement to open and close your house’s doors, you have to look for the balance between functionality and aesthetics. The first thing you have to choose is the handlebar solution that best suits your door.

There are several possibilities. The handlebar is the lever that serves to operate the mechanism of opening and closing a door. It can be one of several types:

  • Handle with a plate (usually called a handle): the lever is composed of an elongated plate.
  • Handle without plate (called a rosette): the lever that serves to operate the mechanism of opening and closing the door has a small base, either round or square.
  • Knob: the lever that serves to operate the lock of a door (mostly cylindrical) allows opening a door by turning it from one side to the other.

Among the existing variety, we can highlight the following types of knobs:

  • Interior door knobs: suitable for living rooms and kitchens. They do not need an internal mechanism and can be various designs such as nautical themed cabinet knobs, keeping it elegant and simple.
  • Door knobs with latch or conviction: indicated for bathrooms and bedrooms or any room that requires more privacy.

For entrance doors, several solutions and types are depending on your needs and tastes:

  • Entrance door knobs with key: indicated to place in main doors with an access key.
  • Entrance door knobs: there are also entrance door knobs that only serve as a handle to pull the door closed or opened. Aesthetically they look the same as those on the main doors, but they do not turn; they are fixed.
  • Knockers: they are pieces of iron, bronze, etc., that are placed on the doors to knock with them.
  • Handles: they are easy to handle. Their most common use is in entrance doors and sliding doors. For glass doors, there are unique handles to take care of the material.


Each type of door in the house needs a kind of handle for privacy and security.

Thus, once you have chosen the handle or knob that you like and that suits you best, you have to decide whether you need it to have a latch or a lock. You can choose between them:

  • Latch or lock: it is the security opening and closing system without the need for keys. They are used for the interior doors of access to rooms where privacy is safeguarded (such as the bedroom or the bathroom).
  • Within this group are the handles that condemn the door handle: they prevent the handle from moving but have no internal mechanism or latch to close.
  • Lock: this is the opening and closing system that needs a key to operate. They are the type required for entrance doors.

To install either of these two options (latch or lock), it is necessary to make the die in the handle, making the hole to be able to install that locking system.


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