Caring for your curtains is quite important as it will increase its life and also help them stay new for long. Curtains add extra color and style to your interiors while protecting your privacy. It also protects your interior from direct sunlight and hence keeps your house cool. A good quality curtain is expensive and hence you would want it to last for years. This is possible only with proper care and maintenance. This is true even when you buy online roller blinds as they also need regular care for longer life. Here we will see the caring tips for sheer curtains Melbourne and also the curtains used for layering along with the sheer curtains.

Direct Light Damage – Direct light damage is not good for curtain. Dark curtains will immediately fade in direct sunlight. While the main function of the curtain is to protect you from sunlight, it is equally important to protect the curtains from sunlight. This can be done by using lighter sheer curtains or by adding light fabric lining to the curtain. An extra lining to the curtain will always keep it away from direct sunlight and would also keep the interiors cooler.

Dust Accumulation – Dust accumulates in your curtain folds and would create permanent lines that will affect the overall appearance of the curtain. To avoid this, it is good to vacuum clean the curtains at regular intervals. While frequent washing is not possible for the curtains as it will damage the fabric, it is good to vacuum clean the curtains for damage free dust removal.

Washing Care – Washing the curtains on regular basis is always recommended. It is good to check the care instructions before washing the curtains. Delicate fabrics will require hand wash as they will get easily damaged in the machine. Make sure that you follow the instructions of washing to avoid damaging the curtains while cleaning.

Apart from these points, it is also good to get your curtain stitched in appropriate length as you don’t want it to sweep the floor all the time and get dirty ends. Taking care of your curtains would save you huge expenses of buying new curtain frequently.


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