Unless you’re into extreme minimalism, the washing machine is your best friend. So whether you’re a parent, a single person living alone or with flatmates; a washing machine breaking down may absolutely ruin your week. Appliance repair maybe in order. But, hold the phone, you can do it yourself! 

Check out these top five washing machine issues and how to troubleshoot.

Before anything else, please take out the plug from the outlet. 

  1. No spinning 

Washing machine not up and running? Check for improper plugging and start again. It could also mean that electricity’s not supplying enough juice.

To assess, use a current meter unto the outlet. Too little reading or not at all means a defective breaker or the outlet. Also check your washing machine’s engine. Is it too hot after turning it on a bit? Or keeps on running high? You may need a technician to look and fix for that.

Try looking for the lid switch (which is the piece directly beneath the lid) and see if it’s properly closed and in position. Some models automatically stop spinning when the lid is ajar. Try opening and closing the lid until the lid switch is properly closed.

  • Water leaks or Not draining everything

This probably signals the drain hose is pretty blocked from the build up of lint, dirt, and grease. Use a small spoon to scoop out the debris and flush everything out with water. Or the leaks may have been caused by improper positioning of the hose. The hose needs to be placed above the water level inside the tub. 

Clogging may happen between the washing machine basket and the inner tub. You may have to manually take out anything.  

The pump could also be the culprit, in which case requires a replacement. 

  • Too Loud

As a whole, loud noises coming from inside the tub could only mean one thing, and that is, the washing machine is not aligned properly on the ground. You may need a to place nearly an inch plywood on the washing machine’s feet to help make the base level. 

On the other hand, maybe the load is leaning too much on one side. Realign the cloth bags and start the spinning again. 

  • Stinky 

Washing machine tubs make warm wet areas, perfect for bacteria and mildew (black powdery stuff). This is where the stink comes from. But it’s not as hopeless as it seems. Run a hot water cycle for two minutes. Drain the water. Scrub the inner tub as well as the outer walls if they are affected. The smell could disappear in no time. 

  • The Spinning Prematurely Stops

This could be because the timer has stopped working for no apparent reason. If your timer is detachable, take it out and check for extensive rusting. If this is the case, you need to buy a new one. 

Disclaimer: This is not to replace expert appliance repair consultation and on-site check up. Remember to keep your safety priority while fixing a washing machine on your own.  


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