If you’re a first-time buyer or you’re living in that area for a long and face issues with the water or sewage system out there, it is high time that you seek professional help and get done with the drain survey once. It gets generally resolved via the CCTV method, but there are other ways to do it. Moving to a new apartment comes up with a lot of work and time required to check for any damages and renovation needed. Hence they find it is essential to have a CCTV drain survey to know if any repair is required for the drainage system.

Defining Drain Survey:

A professional plumber or drainage system investigator uses tools to assess the drainage system for any repairs or problems that can occur later. You can call over the professional anytime, like if you’re moving to a new apartment. And the drainage comes under your property. So you will be responsible for any damage in the future. And to make sure that there are no issues to look after now. The drain survey will confirm the conditions down there and also help the investigator determine the exact location at which the damage is.

CCTV Drainage Survey Definition And Usage:

It exactly means what its name suggests that it surveys the drainage with the help of a CCTV attached to it. The licensed professionals and plumbers can only do these surveys as they have the appropriate tools required for the reviews and repairs for the damages and leakage issues. The camera allows them to analyze the pipes intensely and carefully, and this device is far more effective than any other tool. And the main advantage of it is that it will not require any digging or anything, and you will get the complete report.

If at any point you experience any drainage issue, then rather than trying home-made DIY. You should call up the professional because you may pose a bigger problem. Tell every detail to the engineer well in advance he can have an idea of specific things that he can look at. The camera is attached to a rod allowing the camera to move inside the drains and get the live recording. The screen displays everything that an engineer will look for to see what’s going on inside.

Once the survey is complete, the engineer will report the complete condition of the drains. And will let you know if any repairs are required.

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