Ceramic tiles have been emerging as clear favorites when it comes to floor and wall tiling. There is not just one but many factors that have made these tiles so popular over the years. And it is those factors – the advantages of installing ceramic tiles – that we will be discussing in the guide to follow. Have a look! 

  1. Strength is Their Middle Name

Ceramic tiles are unbelievably strong for man-made tiles. They’re made quite dense that, in turn, makes the Club Ceramic tiles impact resistant to a very high degree. Thus:

  • They don’t crack easily. 
  • They don’t require frequent repair.
  • They last for decades. 
  1. They are Water Resistant

One of the reasons that natural stones enjoy uninterrupted trust of customers is that they are almost non-porous. And it is this exact trait that ceramic tiles mimic. Meaning, they do not absorb water or liquid of any kind. The prominent benefit of this particular feature is that these tiles don’t catch stains since they don’t absorb liquids. 

Ergo, these tiles that come in many textures can be made non-slippery to a very large extent. Hence, they’re extremely safe for wet rooms like bathrooms. This is also another reason that people usually prefer installing ceramic tiles in swimming pools. 

  1. They are Easy to Maintain 

Easy maintenance is one of the reasons that make ceramic tiles cost effective and economical. 

Since they don’t absorb stains, they don’t require any specific solution for cleaning. A damp cloth is enough to take away whatever little dirt has settled. 

  1. They are Astonishingly Varied

Ceramic tiles come in different colors, shades, textures, and shapes. It is this variety that is responsible for the fact that people are able to find their dream options amid the vast plethora of ceramic tiles at Club Ceramic

Interestingly, talented designers can also make ceramic tiles look and behave just like natural stone and real wood. So, if it’s a luxury decor that you always wanted but couldn’t afford, then ceramic tiles won’t disappoint you. 

  1. They’re Quite Hygienic

You won’t have to worry about fungus, bacteria, and moisture with ceramic tiles installed in your house. It’s largely because organic growth requires excessive moisture and humidity. And ceramic tiles, since they don’t absorb water, don’t have the kind of surface that will entertain such impurities, let alone allow them to breed or multiply. Hence, they’re extremely hygienic options that are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. 

All in all, if you have been searching for ideal floor and wall tiling options, then the entire range of ceramic tiles at Club Ceramic is something that you should definitely explore. 


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