July 19, 2021



Moving is already a hectic process. But it becomes scarier when you have fragile items like artwork to move.

Artwork and paintings are delicate and fragile items. They need special packaging and protection while moving. This type of job is best handled by qualified removalists Gold Coast.

Once you hire an experienced moving company, you can rest assured that all your artwork is in safe hands. We would recommend you to hire a moving company that mainly specialises in the artwork. They will have more experience than any other moving company. In this case, you can rely on removalists Gold Coast.

Here are some tips to help you pack your artwork when moving:

  • Get The Right Packing Boxes

The very first thing you need to do is get suitable packing boxes for artwork. Art pieces can be of various sizes and shapes. This is why you need different types of boxes to pack your items.

Prints, paintings, and statues can be easily packed in an artwork box or a mirror box. For heavier and larger items, you need to get wooden crates. Once you pack all your artwork in suitable boxes make sure that they are completely secured. Use adequate padding to keep the art pieces safe and protected.

  • Make Use Of Plastic Wrap For Protection

Before packing your art pieces in boxes, you must add an extra layer of protection. If the artwork doesn’t have a glass cover, the surface stays exposed which makes it more vulnerable. This could result in accidental scratches and damages. 

To avoid this from happening, you should apply multiple layers of plastic wrap around the artwork or picture. Once you wrap it securely, it reduces the risk of damage due to friction during the move.

  • Bubble Wrap Is The Best

Bubble wrap comes in extremely handy when it comes to packing fragile items like art pieces. It can protect your artwork better than most other types of wrapping.

Make sure you apply several layers of bubble wrap to secure your items. Also, cover both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. Once the wrapping is done, don’t forget to secure the bubble wrap in place using tape.

When packing artwork, you must pay special attention to the packing details. Make sure that you seal the boxes properly. Hiring a reliable moving company can make the packing process much easier.


Utilities like water connection, drainage systems, and electricity are the heart and lungs of any domicile. If you have erected a new house then setting up the plumbing installations in your new home is way more essential than creating the wiring for electricity connections. Your responsibility doesn’t end with buying lots of valves, water pipes or checking the drainage codes of your locality. Along with shopping a Domestic water pumpalong with various plumbing products like a water heater, water and sewerage pipes, toilet, baths, showerheads and many faucets for the water flow in kitchen and bathrooms. Above all, you can start by calling a professional plumber, ready to shoulder the planning and installation services with 100% ease.

Here are some tips to set up plumbing installation in your new home-

Install Water supply System

With the help of a licensed and experienced plumber, install the water system in your house. If you have the water reservoir installed in the ground, install a fine water pump that will take the water to the tank installed on the rooftop. There you can install the water heater that will prepare a hot water tank and will flow when the tap will be opened.  

Install pipelines and fittings in bathroom and kitchen

Plan how to install the water and sewerage pipelines in the bathrooms and kitchen. You need at least 2-3 faucets in these places and a showerhead in the bathroom. In the kitchen too, the sewerage system should be strong enough to dispose of the garbage and easily flow out the water residues through the sink.

Install the swimming pool pump

If you have got a pool in your house, install a swimming pool pump for maintaining the cleanliness of the water. The work of the pump is to purify the water and make it safer for the next day’s swimming.

Water supply for gardening 

Think about installing a Submersible pump to acquire the water directly from the soil and store it directly in the tank. However, for gardening purpose, dripping pump or sprinkler is widely used for watering the plants in a proper rhythm.