July 1, 2021



As the world is ready to open post an extended period of restrictive movements and lockdowns, all the business organizations that have suffered huge losses are ready to charge back and are enforcing every possible move to be visible in their customer market.

There are many ways to make your brand visible including posters, advertisements, gifts, bags, customized floor mats, and much more. The use of customized matting solutions works well for many organizations such as retail stores that receive hundreds of customers every day.

To make your brand visible for anyone entering your organization, you can bulk order customized logo mats or floor rugs from Ultimate Mats online. They provide doorstep delivery all through the United States at a minimal charge. They have an extensive catalog of floor mats that you can browse on their website and get customized as per your requirements.

How customized floor do mats help in creating brand reinforcement?

Investing in customized floor mats or rugs with the logo of your brand can help in achieving a brand image because of the following reasons:

  1. First point of advertisement:
  • When a customer enters your store, a mat carrying the brand logo would be the first point of contact with the customer.
  • A correctly designed mat can catch a customer’s attention just at the entry point.
  1. Mats increase the aesthetics of a space:
  • You can use colored mats to match the infrastructure and enhance the look of your store.
  • Any loopholes in the flooring solution can easily get covered with the mats and will be appealing to the eyes of the customers.
  1. Anti-slip mats can prevent injuries and falls:
  • This is especially true for the retail industry and areas such as gyms which are more prone to slips and fall owing to spillage in retails and falls during vigorous activities in gyms.
  • This can be largely prevented by using heavy-duty anti-slip mats.
  • Thus, you will also get a lesser number of legal cases related to fall injuries if you invest in some good quality floor mats.

Why is the color of the mat important?

While matching the color of the mat with the infrastructure creates an aesthetic appeal, the color also speaks volumes about your business values and objectives. Here is the list of color you can choose according to your business objectives:

  • Red: If you want to signify the strength of your organization against the competitors.
  • Green: If your organization works on the principles of environmental conservation.
  • Blue: If it is the loyalty and trust of your customers that is the most significant to your company.
  • Black: If you are a part of a business organization that deals in luxury goods.
  • Pink: If you are involved with creative endeavors like an art gallery.
  • White: If your organization works at spreading peace or is related to the healthcare industry.

There are many more colors and each has a separate significance. Choose, design, and create a customized mat that works best for your organization and helps you in spreading a better word about your work among potential customers.