June 1, 2021


One of the most well-known names in the construction industry of Hawaii is that of Patrick Shin, as he is recognized for being the founder of Nan Inc. The company is an impressive one because it has achieved a lot of success in a relatively short period of time. But, how was all of this accomplished? In order to find out the answer, you need to know more about its founder. Patrick Shin was born Nan Chul Shin in South Korea and the name of his company is inspired from his original name.

He changed his name to Patrick Shin when he moved to the United States from South Korea and wanted to adjust into the new culture. When he immigrated to the country, they did not have any financial resources and he and his siblings had to live in a one-bedroom apartment together. Today, if you do a search on net worth of Patrick Shin – owner of Nan Inc., you will find that he is worth between $10 million and $50 million.

This is undoubtedly impressive and he was able to accomplish this due to the dedication and hard work he put in for establishing Nan Inc. He attended the Bowling Green State University on a football scholarship and got his majors in business administration. After doing so, he moved to Hawaii where he began working for a construction company. He had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so after getting some experience under his belt, he left his job and decided to set up Nan Inc.

He succeeded in doing so in 1990, but this was only the beginning because he only had one employee by his side. Nonetheless, Patrick Shin didn’t let anything stand in his way and he accepted all kinds of projects to develop a strong reputation in the industry. He started with installation of a road sign and today, his company deals with a number of multimillion-dollar projects simultaneously. In the three decades that Nan Inc. has been around, they have completed more than 3,000 projects and have done a great job.

As a matter of fact, last year alone, Nan Inc. had been assigned the project of renovating the Honolulu Airport, a contract that was worth $146 million. They have dealt with a number of other similar projects and have also worked in the private sector, accomplishing all of it thanks to its owner, Patrick Shin.