April 16, 2021


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Designing kitchens for a long life use

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Offering the best service practice

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As the entire world is facing a Covid 19 pandemic, the adverse effect of this pandemic has affected every aspect of the economy, comprising the plumbing business.

Service providers in the plumbing business mainly deal with customers in face-to-face conversation. So, it’s very obvious, in the time of the pandemic, the issues with such kinds of businesses are going to arise which is going to impact the business greatly, specifically small firms or start-ups.

Let’s discuss some points that how Covid 19 pandemic affected the plumbing industry.

  1. Customers Not Allowing Plumbers to Visit Their Home

Most of the customers may not want plumbers to visit their home during pandemic instead of major plumbing issues.

As plumbing service providers mainly deal with drainage, water- heater, and other issues, so many of the customers feel it’s not a correct time to deal with these issues.

2.Requirement of Plumbing is Necessary

Plumbing is one of the important services that is required in day-to-day life.

If your home starts flooding, you will make a call to a plumber to overcome this issue, even in the condition of a pandemic.

  1. Plumbing Business Has Better Scope As Compare to Other Business

As all industries and businesses are struggling with a pandemic, but the plumbing business is in a better place as compared to other businesses.

Customers can wait for other services for months too, but they can’t retard if they have water pipe leakage, which can turn out their home into a flood.

  1. COVID 19 Is Changing the Communication Protocol

As social distancing is the key point to prevent from Covid 19, most of the people are staying at home and avoiding direct contact or communication with any service providers as they are at high risk.

To overcome this issue, most plumbing companies are providing virtual diagnostics with the help of video chats or online tutorials.

Plumbers are also starting to wear safety suits, masks, gloves, shoe covers, before arriving at any customer’s home.

  1. Plumbing Business Is More Busier in Pandemic Condition

Covid Pandemic is fascinatingly impacting the plumbing business.

Due to the work-from-home facility, most of the people are staying safe at a home. It has been discovered that plumbers are getting more calls as more people are trying out the plumbing services that they have never done before.

As people are at home, their home plumbing services are bearing more burden as the use of water, showers, baths, even toilets is in more use.

Your plumbing services are at high risk of failure if you live in old apartments or buildings.

  1. Customers Delayed Scheduled Maintenance Due To Economy Status

It has been noticed that some of the customers are canceling scheduled maintenance appointments due to their tight financial status.

People are avoiding calling plumbers at their doorsteps, until or unless they encounter major issues with their plumbing services.


At the end of the day, the world is facing a pandemic. All the sectors including the plumbing business facing a financial crisis.

But the good factor is that all businesses are discovering numerous ways to remain profitable in all unpredictability.

Roofs are the protecting shields of any building or structure from various elements such as natural hazard to severe heat or cold weather conditions. It plays a vital role in safeguarding you, and any of your valuable matters within the structure from being exposed to wind and water. It is essential to inspect the roofs at regular intervals or twice annually to prevent the roofs from those damages. In fact, debris removal from the roof promotes energy efficiency by acting as insulation allowing enough sunlight and increasing the warmth during the winter and cool during the summer. If you prefer to hire a professional to do this for you, then you will need to hire a good local cleaning company to do this for you. For example, if you live in Liverpool, you will need to search for a company that offers roof cleaning in Liverpool like Just Clean Property Care.

Piling up debris not only diminishes the overall appearance of the building but also reduces the roof life. Roof debris can be anything from a falling leaf, small branches, limbs, gutter liners filled with moss, algae, lichen. Prolonged or uncleared debris may eventually lead to damping and moss growth further deteriorating the roofs and cutting off the life of your roof.

Safely removing debris:

If you are thinking of removing debris, then the first step of debris removal is to assess their type.  Additionally, it is important to know the material of your roof to choose the right type of cleaning technique that can be applied. Depending on the roof material (e.g., clay, concrete tiles, metal roofing sheets, shingles, asbestos) the debris removal techniques may vary. 


A simple debris removal tip is using soft brooms. But this technique can be used only when the debris is some sort of collection of leaves, limbs, and small dust particles. Soft brooms can be used in any type of roof material. 


The second technique is the leaves blower technique. The leaves blower is one of the excellent solutions to blow the dirt and debris off without touching the roof and this can be used to clean any type of roof materials as there is no direct contact with the debris nor the roof. 

Tip #3

Using a water hose could also be a lifesaving hack rather than directly investing in hiring experts. The water hose can also be used on leaves and small limbs and branches. While using a water hose It is recommended using heavy rubber gloves and safety glasses will prevent from any flying debris getting into eyes, nose, or mouth areas. Also, additional care is needed as the water will make the adjacent areas slippery to access. 

Tip #4

In case, if the debris were moss, algae growth it is advised to seek professional experts. The reason to seek professional expertise is that this type of debris was more than just a cosmetic issue and it is essential to assess the feasibility of homeowners to involve in the cleaning process to avoid accidental damage. This type of debris removal may involve anywhere from medium to deep cleaning which can stop further moss growth that can severely damage your roof. 

On a final note, debris removal not only protects the roofs but also helps homeowners to afford the time and money into their budget.