March 3, 2021


When you’re in control of a structure, it’s important to do whatever you can to reduce the risk of fire and keep people secure. It saves lives; it’s your legal responsibility because it’s all good company.

What is theimportance and objective of a fire risk assessment?

From a fire-prevention standpoint, take a good look at the facilities and the people who use them. It’s all about identifying the threats and then strengthening your fire protection strategies to keep people safe. There are many guides to help you to find a good fire risk assessing organization. 

A Fire Risk Assessment is mandated by statute. When you are liable for a house, such as an employer, landlord, or occupier of premises that aren’t a single private dwelling’ (a private home), you must guarantee that a Fire Risk Appraisal is performed by a suitably competent individual. It is your responsibility to recognize fire threats and dangers in your workplace and take the requisite precautions.

Furthermore, if your company hires five or more employees or has an active license under an enactment, your fire risk appraisal must be reported in writing.Be sure you check your risk assessment on a daily basis and if there are major developments that could affect it. It’s both common sense and a legal requirement; companies often don’t recover from fires, and successful fire protection begins with a clear knowledge of the risks.

If there’s a fire and you don’t comply with your legal duty to keep people safe, you might face fines and even jail time.

How to Do a Fire Risk Study

In general, evaluations are carried out in five steps:

  • Determine the risk for a burn.
  • Determine who is at risk.
  • Review, mitigate, or decrease the risks.
  • Make a list of your results, develop an evacuation plan, and prepare your personnel.
  • Regularly check and upgrade the fire risk assessment.

You may be fined if the premises aren’t safe or if you haven’t completed an inspection. When workers from the inspection department discover that people are in danger, they can be compelled to shut your company so you can make it safe for employees and the public.

Who do I employ to perform my fire risk assessment?

It depends on the scale and scope of the corporation or agency.

A huge complex organization

When your organization is bigger or more difficult, recruit a specialist to assist you. The person who conducts the fire risk assessing for you is responsible for ensuring that you have performed an accurate assessment. You’ll need to select a professional with the requisite credentials.

Buildings of architectural interest

If you’re in charge of a museum, gallery, or architectural structure, we highly advocate getting the fire risk appraisal performed by a Professional Person / Assessor who is familiar with fire protection in heritage structures, since these structures have specific hazards and limitations. Checkout for a good fire risk assessing company on Fire safety in heritage and historical buildings for more information.