February 8, 2021


It is a widespread fact that we generally focus on only the interior painting and designs of the house and completely forget about the exterior painting. This will eventually create a dis-balance in your home’s methods and make it look uneven. Therefore, we have mentioned the best tips on choosing the best color combinations for your exterior designs in this post. As the exterior of the house or any building is the one that creates the first impression in anyone’s head.

While choosing the color combinations for exterior paints, you also need to focus on climate situations according to your location. That might affect the intensity and texture of your paint in the long run.

Best Tips To Choose The Best Exterior Paint Colors

·       Combinations:

When picking the best color combination for your exterior painting, make sure you do not choose more than two colors as picking more different colors will clutter your house pattern. If you do not want a monotonous approach, you can use different shades of the same color.

Choice of color one of the best exterior paint color tips is to avoid all the dark and deeper shades. As these colors will absorb more dust particles and sunlight, the interior of the house is super hot and challenging to survive in. Hence, it is always better to choose a pale shade of the dark color and mix them with another light color.

·       Durability

Ensure that the type of exterior paint you chose should be durable enough as you will use this type of paint to paint the exterior of your house. This should be rough and tough and should manage all the weather conditions and different temperatures. Also, high gloss paints are not the right type of choice for exterior paint.


So, these are the three most important and useful tips that can be used while selecting the right color combinations for your exterior painting. The best choice for the exterior paint should be the color shades of the satin, eggshell, and matte finish as these are long-lasting and can be managed with all types of weather conditions easily. These types of finishes also tend to enhance the exterior appearance of your house. Try to consider all the interesting tips to get the best exterior finish of your house with these tips.